The Top 10 Reddit Posts of all time in r/solar- from smart to inspiring

Reddit is billed as the “front page of the internet”. The subreddit r/solar has over 71,000 members and is very active. With most users in the United States, it gives a snapshot of the countries solar industry. Here are the top ten reddit posts of all time in r/solar! #10 Solar Powered Bus Its awesome […]

What Is Solar TRACE? A Free Solar Permits Tool for the U.S.

Even though solar photovoltaics prices have declined, non-equipment costs like permits, inspections, and interconnections (PII) remain the same. PII involves more than 20,000 jurisdictions and 3,000 utilities, which may increase costs and delay installation processes. In addition, longer wait times may increase the risk of cancellations, resulting in even higher costs for successful projects. What […]

How Rising global energy use complicates the path to net zero energy

This article on global energy use was written by Jon Kemp in for the Reuters Column: Rising global energy use complicates path to net zero. LONDON, July 27 (Reuters) – Global energy consumption is likely to increase by between 50% and 100% from present levels by 2050, underscoring how challenging it will be to satisfy […]

Introduction to PVsyst: The Best Solar Design Software for 2021

What is PVsyst Software? PVsyst Software is a comprehensive solar design tool used by thousands of engineers globally. PVSyst is the standard for large and utility-scale solar installations. It makes grid-connected PV systems easier to design. PV Engineers and designers should know how to use PVsyst if they want to work in large scale solar. […]

Utility Scale Solar Jobs: How to work in the solar industry

The utility-scale solar industry is growing rapidly, and solar jobs in the United States are as well. If you want to work in solar, but make more money than residential sector, Utility Scale Solar is for you. Here you can find different roles and salaries available in the industry. Utility Scale solar farms are the […]

New to SketchUp? 3 Tutorials that will kickstart your projects

Are you thinking of getting started in computer modelling? Do you want to start shaping your ideas and communicating them in 3D? If so, follow these hands-on SketchUp tutorials to ramp up your 3D modelling skills. (Image: 150kW Solar Farm) SketchUp has become one of the most widely used programs for modelling and rendering architectural, […]

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