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Face to Face Training Courses

The following courses are available under one-off license/support agreements.

Course – skillsetDuration of course – Days3
Grid-Connected PV Systems Design & Install (GC PV)10 (15)
Grid-Connected PV Systems with Battery Storage Design & Install (GCwB)110 (13)
Stand Alone Power Systems (Off-grid) Design & Install (SAPS)15 (18)
Hybrid Systems Design and Install (HS)25 (8)

Note 1:  Successful completion of GC PV is a prerequisite to participating in GCwB.

Note 2:  Successful completion of SAPS is a prerequisite to participating in HS.

Under the one-off license agreement, GSES will provide the following course materials for each complete Skillset:

  • Course Agenda
  • The lectures (PowerPoint presentations)
  • In class exercises/tutorials
  • Practical session activities, descriptors and outcomes
  • Assessment sheets
  • Assignments
  • Examinations
  • Trainers’ guide
  • List of equipment required.

GSES courses are aimed at engineers and electricians/technicians who have already completed training in electrical basics. Therefore, the courses assume at least a basic level of electrical knowledge and should be complementing existing university electrical engineering courses or electrical trades education.

The courses can be offered to both university students and electricians/technicians. The University courses would focus primarily on design, the training for electricians/technicians would focus on installation and practical hands-on training.

GSES can provide the licenses either as a one-off fee for each individual courses or GSES can partner with the training centre.

Online Training Courses

GSES has licensed our online courses to other training centres.  The online course is then accessed by the website of the  training centre so that all branding makes it look like that training centre has developed the site.

The website is hosted by GSES and we maintain the site on behalf of the license training centre which allows GSES to update the centres training material at the same time GSES update the GSES site and material.

The training centre conducts the online course, used their own tutors and also conducts the face to face practical courses for their students.

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