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Off Grid Solar

Many rural communities throughout the world do not have access to electricity. Off Grid Power systems range from small plug- and- play units to large complicated systems with large  solar arrays and fuel generators. The largest systems can provide a whole villages needs through a micro-grid.

Off grid solar systems can be provided in the following configurations:

  • DC coupled (bus)  solar PV systems;
  • AC coupled (bus)  solar PV systems;
  • Combination of AC and DC coupled (bus) solar PV systems; and 
  • Hybrid power systems consisting of  solar PV arrays and fuel generators as the sources of energy.

Grid Connected Solar

A grid-connected solar system uses solar panels as the power generation source. The solar DC (Direct Current) power produced is fed into an inverter which changes power to AC (Alternating Current) power compatible with the regional power grid.

The system allows for any on-site loads to be powered by a combination of power generated by the PV system and power drawn from the “mains” power grid. Excess power generated by the PV system can be exported to the power grid, or stored in a battery.

What makes our online solar courses different?

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Work, family, pandemics: life can be crazy! If you need to take a break, that’s okay! Every course comes with 1 year of online access to finish. In a traditional classroom, you may be left behind if you struggle or be left waiting for others to catch up.

Competency Based Learning

Our courses are built upon rigorous Australian Solar Accreditation Standards and adapted for the world. Our courses require passing online quizzes, design assignments and in the case of installers, practical (hands on) assessments.

At the end of the course, you can choose to add a completion certificate!

Support, Feedback and Zoom Sessions

Most of our courses include tutor support. That means you are not alone! We provide support through email, online chat and Zoom Q&A sessions.

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